Recording sessions, March 2010 in Bloomington, IN

Producer Rich Morpurgo at the control board

Longtime friends Karl, Leslie and Wyn Sempsrott. Karl was the drummer for the Fishermen (1970's), and Wyn shot most of the photographs.

Lawrence at the piano!

Not only was Rich the producer, he also played guitar.

Background vocalists Moe Z and Bobbi Molin. Moe also played bass, tambourine, and organ for the project.

Getting ready to sing!

"The Fisherman" (the good old days).

Our Beloved Hearse!
Lawrence and the Eastland Band "Just Lawrence"
"A long time ago in a far away place..." "Lawrence Chewning Live"
In concert at a New England monastary.
Ray and Lawrence in the studio. Ray Boltz, me and Rich Morpurgo, producers of Kalamazoo