Episode 101 - The Early Songs

Lawrence sings 11 of  his earliest songs, all of which were written between 1970 and 1973. Also a look at what Jesus said about being born a second time. 


Song of the Disciple 

Baptism Song 

Carry On 

There Goes…

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Episode 99 - Meet My Kansas Brother in Law 

Lawrence has a conversation with his wife Trish's brother, Dan Stark. He's from Wichita, Kansas, and shares how he went from having zero interest in God for years, to becoming a passionate follower of Jesus. Lawrence and Dan reminisce about…

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Episode 98-  "The Girls from Wichita"  

Lawrence's wife, Trish, introduces this week's guest, her cousin, Whitney Denewiler.  Both of them grew up in Wichita, Kansas.  Whitney tells her story of life as an airline flight attendant for 20 years, and then shares a very moving testimony…

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Episode 97- "You May Be God, But . . ."  

Lawrence's friend and bandmate, Bryan Hoogenboom, shares the mic with him on this episode and plays a great song he wrote to his wife, called "Oldsmobile."  Lawrence also shares a sermon he recently preached regarding surrendering to God's will, titled…

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Episode 96 Forgiveness and Reconciliation  

Lawrence replays a memorable episode from the archives which has not yet appeared on Spotify.  He and his friend, Ray Renner, honor the memory and legacy of John K. Summers, their friend and mentor. A very moving testimony of forgiveness…

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Episode 95 - “My Cousin ,Gilbert” 

Lawrence replays a memorable interview he had with his 94 year-old cousin, Gilbert Baker, a veteran on the Korean War. 


As Old As Me 

In the Garden 

There Goes a Real Christian Man.

Episode 94 - “Never Escape the Father's Love” 

Lawrence interviews his friend, Elin Lee, from Lancaster, Massachusetts, who shares how she experienced the love of her Heavenly Father, after going through abandonment and reflection by her earthly father. 


Hand on the Plow 

Stop the Music 

Never Escape…

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Episode 93 - "The Road Less Traveled" 

Lawrence sings 10 songs that span the past five decades, and takes a look at what it means to walk the "narrow road." 


Turn Around 

US Americans 

I Heard a Knock 


From Glory to Glory 

I Wouldn't Go…

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Episode 89 - “Dalton Goes to Camp” 

Lawrence has a conversation with his 21 year-old grandson, Dalton Rhodes, who is also one of his best friends. Dalton gives his testimony regarding giving his life to Christ when he was 16 years old and shares his experience this…

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Episode 88 “Let Me Worship You Today”  

Lawrence looks at the question, “What does it mean to be a worshiper?” and sings songs of devotion to Jesus. 


I Wanna Receive 

Rise, Let Us Be Going 

What a Happy, Happy Day 

O Taste and See 

Behold, He…

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