Episode 179- Let's Hear Grandma Betty Again 

Lawrence replays one of his favorite interviews. Grandma Betty Roe, who lives near Steubenville, Ohio, has since turned 102 years old. A delightful guest. 

Songs: As Old As Me 

In the Garden 

The Anchor Holds 

Living in the Shadow

Episode 178 - Conversation in an Upper Room - Part 3  

Lawrence concludes his look at the conversation Jesus had with his disciples the night before He was crucified. Also a testimony by the late John K. Summers, who was a mentor to many people, including Lawrence. 

Songs: Never Escape the…

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Episode 177 - Conversation in an Upper Room - Part 2  

Lawrence continues to take a look at the conversation Jesus had with his disciples the night before he was crucified. 



I Wouldn't Go Back 

Unless the Lord Builds the House 

Ishmael Rise 

Let Us Be Going 

We Can…

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Episode 176- Conversation in an Upper Room - Part 1 

Lawrence takes a look at the conversation Jesus had with his disciples the night before His crucifixion. This episode looks at The Helper who Jesus promised would come. 

Songs: Me and My 88 Friends 

The Pearl 

Trying to Obey the…

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Episode 175 - Once More with Sue Stewart Davis 

Lawrence replays a moving testimony from a former member of the church in Massachusetts where Lawrence once pastored. Sue Stewart Davis is an example of God turning ashes into beauty. All of the songs were written during the pastoring years. 

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Episode 174- Meet William Arevalo 

The Guatemalan with the Blueprints Lawrence has a conversation with William Arevalo, who shares his spiritual journey from Guatemala to Chicago to Florence, S. C. William is a singer, songwriter, preacher, and worship leader, as well as a great storyteller. 

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Episode 173 - Like a Girl From Nazareth 

Meet Candy Green Lawrence has a conversation with Candy Green who lives in New Zealand. Candy and her late husband, Tom Green, travelled thousands of miles throughout America and other countries, singing their songs, telling their story, recording albums, and…

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Episode 172- Can You Hear the Wind? 

Lawrence shares a message he preached recently at his home church regarding the moving of the Holy Spirit and being born two times. 


Leaning on the Word of God 

I Think I Can Help You 

Rewrite History 

It's Not…

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Episode 171- The Asbury Outpouring - One Year Later 

Lawrence has a conversation with Brad Easley, from Wilmore, Kentucky, as he reflects on the one-year anniversary of the spontaneous, 16-day, round the clock spiritual awakening at Asbury University. This phenomenon took the internet by storm. Brad is a pastor…

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Episode 170- Leslie's Playlist 

Lawrence plays a requested song list of favorites of good friend, Leslie Sempsrott, from Spencer, Indiana. Many of these songs are treasures to her because they take her back to her early walk with Christ in the early 1970's. Leslie's…

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