Episode 87- "It Used to Be a Laundromat" 

Lawrence and his guests, Jim Watson and Barry Noonan, have a conversation about a memorable Christian coffeehouse in the heyday of the Jesus Movement called Turning Point, in Andover, Massachusetts.  This ministry was started by Bill and Sandy Watson and…

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Episode 86- "The Little Green House on 5th Street" 

This is the story of how God answered the prayers of an elderly couple for Him to use their little house for His glory after their death.  This house later become a Christian coffeehouse where many young people came to…

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Episode 82- Maiden Voyage - Part 2 

More excerpts from the very first concert of Lawrence Chewning and Damascus Road, including a testimony by bass player, Russell James. 



There Goes a Real Christian Man 

Trying to Obey the Call 

When My Eyes Are On You 

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Episode 81 - Maiden Voyage- Part One 

Maiden Voyage - Part One 

Join Lawrence and his band, Damascus Road, for excerpts from their very first concert, which took place on June 12, 2022, with special guest, Lena Hughes. 


Stand Up In Church 

Unless the Lord Builds…

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Episode 79- "Let There Be Music"   

Lawrence sings 11 original songs he has written over the last 5 decades and a classic gospel song from the hymnbook. 


Leaning on the Word of God 

Stand Up in Church 

Not Ready 

Jesus, You've Been So Real 


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Episode 78 - Stories My Father Told Me 

Lawrence shares with his friend several family stories passed down from his father and the spiritual lessons learned from them. 


In the Garden 

Season of the Harvest 

Papa John 


Episode 77- Meet Dale, from the California Jesus Movement 

Lawrence interviews his friend of 50 years, Dale Yancy, who was active in the famous Jesus People movement of southern California which made the cover of major newsmagazines.  Lawrence and Dale reminisce regarding theire time ministering together in Vermont in…

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Episode 75- How Precious Did That Grace Appear  

Lawrence has a conversation with Sue Stewart Davis, who was a member of his church in Massachusetts during his pastoring years in the 1980's and 1990's.  Sue shares a moving testimony of God's grace during the most broken time of…

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