Episode 74 - A Surprise Visit from my Grandson, Dalton 

Lawrence’s grandson, Dalton Rhodes,  comes for a surprise visit from college. Dalton chooses the song list and converses with his Big Pa. Lawrence is also cajoled into giving his impersonation of Balaam’s talking donkey. 


The Road Back Home 


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Easter - Episode 22 - Greatest Story Ever Told 

Lawrence celebrates in song the events of the first Easter weekend and looks at the life of James, the brother of Jeus, who saw a risen Lord. 

Songs include: 

Me and My 88 Friends (full version) 


What is Truth? 

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Episode 73- Stan, the Guitar Man 

"Stan, the Guitar Man" 

Lawrence interviews Stan Kennedy, a pastor who is also highly respected by many people as an outstanding guitarist.  Great testimony.  Also Stan plays several songs on the guitar, and he and Lawrence collaborate on "Holy Fire". 

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Episode 72 - My Friends from Wilkes County 

My Friends from Wilkes County 

Lawrence interviews old friends, Randy and Mickey McNeil, and their pastor, David Sparks, from North Wilkesboro, North Carolina.  Ordinary People with Extraordinary Stories. 


Living in the Shadow 

I Heard a Knock 

Life (by Randy…

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Episode 71 - Healing of the Land 

Healing of the Land 

Lawrence takes a look at the Biblical prescription for  healing a nation.  Also testimonies from two  Massachusetts friends and lots of songs. 


Rise, Let Us Be Going 

I'll Get Through 

I Can Do All Things 

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Episode 70 - "What's So Good About It?"  

The word, "gospel", means "good news."  Lawrence explores the things that make following Christ a good choice.  Lots of music. 


A Simple Faith 

Unless the Lord Builds the House 

Jesus, You've Been So Real 

Precious Lord, Take My Hand…

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Episode 69 - Amazon Jungle Adventure 

Meet Walter Mutti, who along with his wife, Jane, and four sons embarked on an adventure to a remote Indian village in the Amazon jungles of Venezuela, where they spent the better part of 20 years sharing Christ. 

Songs included: 

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Episode 68 "Famous Last Words"  

Lawrence takes a look at the final words of Jesus before he ascended to Heaven, and interviews Dr. Gary Wright, who has dedicated his life to fulfilling the instructions of those final words. 


The Road Back Home 

The Night…

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Episode 67 - The Man with the Smooth Radio Voice 

Lawrence interviews Mike Dalka and Gary Wright from World Renewal, in Greenfield, Indiana. 

Mike has a stunning natural speaking voice, tailor-made for radio, and shares a moving testimony of God's intervention in his life. 


Stand up in Church 


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Episode 66 - The Trip to Winternacht  

Lawrence and his wife Trish, attend a special winter family celebration in Indiana with their long-time friends, Karl and Leslie Sempsrott and their large family.  They talk about passing a spiritual legacy from generation to generation.  Clips of music from…

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Episode 65 - Play it Again, Lorenzo  

Lawrence's friend of 52 years, Larry Hughes, from St. Louis, Missouri, offers a playlist of his favorite songs Lawrence has written, several of which have never been recorded.  Lawrence and Larry discuss the various songs. 


We Were Like Those…

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Episode 64 - Meet Larry from St. Louie 

Lawrence has a laughter-filled conversation with his friend of 52 years, Larry Hughes, from St. Louis, Missouri. Larry shares his journey of faith which led him to become a high school teacher of Christian Ethics, English, and Bible in a…

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