Episode 48- The Value of One Person 

The Value of One Person 

Lawrence talks about the songwriting process and later looks in the Word regarding the priceless value of reaching one person. 


Phone Call 

Stop the Music 

Behold, He is Coming 

Song of the Disciple 


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Episode- 47 A second look at the Asbury Revival of 1970 

Episode 47. 

A Second Look at the Asbury Revival of 1970.  A re-airing of one of Lawrence's favorite episodes, Episode 11 

Lawrence interviews Gary Wright, who was an eyewitness of the great Asbury Revival, which made national news in 1970.

Episode-46 Tribute to Bud Sempsrott 

Tribute to Bud Sempsrott 

Lawrence pays tribute to his friend and former bandmate, Bud Sempsrott, who recently died.  Bud played bass guitar and sang in the Fishermen for six years during the peak of the Jesus Movement years.  Special guests…

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Episode 45- "My Friends, the Roes" 

 "My Friends, the Roes" 

Lawrence interviews Billy and Leanna Roe, a modern day Aquila and Priscilla, who co-pastor a church near Greenville, South Carolina.  Billy and Leanna talk about their journey as Christians and about how they coped with…

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Episode- 42 "Meet the Band" 

 "Meet the Band" 

Lawrence interviews his band members, Keith Hamrick, Russell James, Bryan Hoogenboom, and Jason Daughty.  Bryan shares a song called "Oldsmobile", which he wrote to his wife, and Russell shares his testimony about coming to Christ during a…

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Episode 41 - School Days 

"School Days" 

Lawrence and his childhood classmate, Ronnie Grant, reminisce about their rural community of Ashwood, South Carolina, their school and have some laughs at the class clown's expense.  Ronnie also shares about committing his life to Christ at…

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Episode 40 - Sing Me the Story of Jesus 

"Sing Me the Story of Jesus" 

Lawrence takes us on a musical journey through the life of Christ through various songs he has written over the decades. 


In the Beginning 

Christmas Story 

It Was…

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Episode 39 - A Trip to the Promised Land 

"A Trip to the Promised Land" 

Lawrence interviews his friends, Mike and Wanda Vereen, both of whom had an encounter with Christ while staying at a Christian homeless shelter called "The Promised Land."  Mike later became a pastor, and…

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Episode 37 - I Stand at the Door and Knock 

"I Stand at the Door and Knock" 

Lawrence explains the famous verse regarding Jesus knocking at the door, and also re-airs portions of inteviews with three former guests who shared how they came to Jesus.  Lawrence interviews Leslie Sempsrott…

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Episode 36 - She Did What She Could 

"She Did What She Could" 

This is a repeat of one of Lawrence's favorite episodes, Episode 7, as he looks in the Word regardomg the woman who poured expensive perfume on Jesus a few days before His crucifixion. 

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Episode 35 - The Joy of Generosity 

 "The Joy of Generosity" 

Lawrence shares in the Word regarding the subject of the blessings that come with developing a lifestyle of generosity.  Also a humorous family story from 100 years ago about a memorable  and disastrous baseball game…

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