EPISODE 9 “The Early Years – Part 1” 

Lawrence celebrates 50 years in ministry and looks back at his early days with the group, The Fishermen. 


Trying to Obey the Call 
Rise, Let Us Be Going 
I Wouldn't Go Back 
Awesome Glory

EPISODE 8 “Big Pa and Dalton” 

Lawrence interviews his grandson, Dalton Rhodes and sings Christmas songs he has written. 


A Starry Night 
Mary's Song 
Fair Weather Friend 
The Road Back Home 
As Old As Me 
Christmas Story

Episode 7 "She Did What She Could" 

Lawrence shares regarding the story of the woman who poured perfume on Jesus. 


Living in the Shadow 
If I Didn't Know Jesus 
Jesus, You've Been So Real 
Feed My Sheep 
Holy Fire 
We Can Bear Some Fruit Right Here 

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Episode 6, "Rhythm Of The Saints"  

Lawrence shares stories behind the songs and interviews his drummer, Keith 
Hamrick, who played drums professionally for well-known secular acts before 
coming to Christ.


There Goes a Real Christian Man 
When Love Walked In 
Love Lifted Me 
None of

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Episode 5 "I Still Prefer A Simple Faith" 

Lawrence shares regarding the simplicity of the gospel and also shares the story of a “three-syllable” victory. 


A Simple Faith 
I Think I Can Help You 
Praise the Name of Jesus 
At the Foot of the Cross, 
US Americans 

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Episode 4, "A Song Is Born " 

Lawrence shares the stories behind various songs. 
Leslie Sempsrott shares a personal tribute to Billy Graham


Unless the Lord Builds the House

Revival in Our Souls
Leaning on the Word of God 
Blest Be the Tie That Binds 

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Episode 3, "The Substitute" 

Lawrence explores what is meant by the term, “being saved.” 


Jesus Saves 
The Night that You Were Saved 
Never Escape the Father's Love 
Jesus Paid It All 
I Heard a Knock

Episode 2 “Spiritual Attention Deficit” 

Lawrence shares in the Word regarding losing one's focus on Jesus.


Songs Include:

Me and My 88 Friends (Full Version)

Let Every Living Thing 

All the Empty People 

When My Eyes Are on You

Let Me Worship You Today 


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EPISODE 1 “Let Me Introduce Myself” 

Lawrence Chewning shares regarding his roots, his conversion, and calling to 


Me and My 88 Friends 
If I Didn't Know Jesus 
The Night That Changed My Life 
Season of the Harvest, 
Trying to Obey the Call 
Lord, Lay

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