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"To Start Over Again" 

I wrote a new song a few weeks ago called “To Start Over Again.” My pastor, Carl Morris, called me up and said, “Get your pen out. I want you to write down the following two sentences. I don't know if anything will become of it, but I want to at least run it by you.” Within a few days I had the whole song, which is rare, because most of my songs take months to complete. It's a song of regret but also of hope and redemption. Here it is. 

I had a chance, but I did not take it 
I had a…

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The Best Musical Advice 

I have played the piano as long as I can remember. In my late teenage years, I began to have a growing desire to write songs. I had asked Jesus into my heart as a boy and had even felt a call to preach when I was ten years old. The older I became, the more drawn I became to the idea of writing songs to express my faith. The only problem was, try as I may, I couldn't pull it off. I could never come up with an original tune. Finally, I made an deal, so to speak, with God when I was nineteen years old. I was…

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My Biography- The full Story 

Lawrence Chewning has been writing and singing songs about his Christian faith for almost five decades. His music goes back to the early days of the Jesus Movement in the 1970's, when a brand new form of Christian music was being molded. It later became known as Contemporary Christian Music, but at the time it was simply called Jesus Music. Lawrence has worn a variety of hats over the years, including music group leader, evangelist, pastor, foster care worker, and adoption worker, but one of the constants…

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Looking forward 

Lawrence is looking forward to a busy fall tour and will be singing and speaking in Georgia, Texas, West Virginia, Massachusetts, and Maine. Check out the specifics on the Events page. We hope if you live in any of these areas you will join him as he shares the songs and stories of his faith journey. 

Note: There are still some open dates in the New England states in November. If 
interested in booking him, contact Lawrence at or (843)260-0556.  

Thank you for your support and God…

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