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Ebenezer, Our Stone of Help 

During this time of national uncertainty and upheaval, my mind has made its way back to a song I wrote twenty years ago called, “Ebenezer.” Most people associate this word with a grumpy old man in England who hated Christmas. However, “Ebenezer” is a wonderful word taken from a great story in the Bible. 

Here is the background of the story:

Following the death of Joshua and his generation, the Bible states in Judges, 2:10, “And there arose another generation after them who did not know the Lord, nor yet…

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"Deeper Still" 

Remembering the Asbury Revival, 50 Years Later 

February is always a landmark month on my spiritual calendar.  

Fifty years ago this month my life was revolutionized forever. On February 3, 1970, a spontaneous spiritual awakening occurred on the campus of Asbury College (now Asbury University), in Wilmore, Kentucky. What happened there provided the spark for numerous revivals all over America and touched my life deeply three weeks later in Anderson, Indiana.  

A small group of students at Asbury, a…

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Feed My Sheep 


I recently had the opportunity to sing at a gathering of pastors in the area. It is always a joy for me to express in song to pastors my respect and gratitude for all they do. I wrote this song, “Feed My Sheep”, in the early 2000's after being asked to do a concert at a church in Indiana pastored by a man who made an indelible mark in my life. John K. Summers.

John K. is a giant in my estimation and is beloved by hundreds of people all over the country and beyond. He is in his nineties now and is still…

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A Starry Night 


Words & Music by Lawrence Chewning 

It was a starry night 
Not even a cloud in sight 
And there we were, watching our sheep, almost asleep 
Suddenly a light appeared 
And our hearts were filled with fear 
We fell on our faces, too frightened to look 
We trembled and shook 
Then an angel said, “Don’t be afraid. 
For I bring tidings of joy your way 
Unto you a Child is born 
This very morn.” 
Then we looked and saw a mighty crowd 
Praising God and shouting out loud 
There were thousands. They lit up the…

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The Value Of One 

I recently preached a sermon entitled “The Value of One” at a church which was observing its 100 th anniversary. As I read the history of this church, I noticed it had gone through various seasons as a congregation. There were humble beginnings and later struggles to stay afloat financially during the Great Depression. In the 1950's and 1960's there was an extended period of exciting numerical growth, which necessitated having two Sunday morning services each week. There were also years of numerical…

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