Me and My 88 Friends

Episode 61- "Everybody Has a Story to Tell" 

"Everybody Has a Story to Tell" 

Lawrence has a conversation with his friend, Lena Hughes, a wonderful singer with a great testimony. 



From Glory to Glory 

Stop the Music 

Stand Up in Church 

I'd Be a Fool, sung…

Episode 60 - "From Sea to Shining Sea" 

"From Sea to Shining Sea".  It is an interview with my friends, Myles and Patty Toews, who left their life on a farm in Alberta, Canada, to be a part of an international ministry called OM Ships, which owns a…

Episode 59 - Saying Goodbye to Unforgiveness 

Saying Goodbye to Unforgiveness 

Lawrence looks at the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant.  Also a re-play of the testimony of Pastor John K. Summers, who was reconciled to his abusive father. 


If I Didn't Know Jesus 

Episode 57 - The Christmas Story, 2021 

The Christmas Story, 2021 

Lawrence shares songs related to the Nativity he has written over the years.  Also Buddy Miles sings "O Holy Night", and Bryan Hoogenboom shares an instrumental version of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen."

Episode 55 - Interview with David Carpenter 

"My Friend, the "Velvet Axe Man", David Carpenter 

Lawrence interviews singer/songwriter and guitarist extraordinaire, David Carpenter, whom he dubbed years ago, "The Velvet Axe Man", because of his smooth guitar playing. 

Two songs by Lawrence, with David playing…