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Episode 39 - A Trip to the Promised Land 

"A Trip to the Promised Land" 

Lawrence interviews his friends, Mike and Wanda Vereen, both of whom had an encounter with Christ while staying at a Christian homeless shelter called "The Promised Land."  Mike later became a pastor, and…

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Episode 37 - I Stand at the Door and Knock 

"I Stand at the Door and Knock" 

Lawrence explains the famous verse regarding Jesus knocking at the door, and also re-airs portions of inteviews with three former guests who shared how they came to Jesus.  Lawrence interviews Leslie Sempsrott…

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Episode 36 - She Did What She Could 

"She Did What She Could" 

This is a repeat of one of Lawrence's favorite episodes, Episode 7, as he looks in the Word regardomg the woman who poured expensive perfume on Jesus a few days before His crucifixion. 

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Episode 35 - The Joy of Generosity 

 "The Joy of Generosity" 

Lawrence shares in the Word regarding the subject of the blessings that come with developing a lifestyle of generosity.  Also a humorous family story from 100 years ago about a memorable  and disastrous baseball game…

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Episode 34 The Story Behind, "The Anchor Holds" 

 "The Anchor Holds:  The Story Behind the Song" 

Lawrence and Trish Chewning share how God used their "year of sorrows" to inspire the writing of Lawrence's most well-known song. 

Songs are:  Worth the Wait, and two versions of…

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Episode 32 - Try a Little Kindness 

"Try A Little Kindness" 

Lawrence looks in the Word at the subject of Kindness, calling it our most under-rated spiritual weapon. 

Lots of songs in this episode:  I'll Get Through, I Don't Want to Keep You Hid, Unless…

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Episode 27- Atlantic Crossing 

Atlantic Crossing 

Lawrence interviews his English friend, Paul Dickens, via Zoom, as he talks about his journey of faith. 

Songs include: 

Living in the Shadow 

Baptism Song 

Phone Call 

Song to Sir Dickens 

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EPISODE 19 “Transformed” 

Lawrence converses with Dave and Linda Canter, from Berlin, New Hampshire, regarding their radical turnaround after encountering Christ, and their decision to return to New England to plant a church. 


The Pearl 
Not Ready 
Never Escape the

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EPISODE 18 “I Surrender All” 

Lawrence takes a look in the Word regarding Jesus' encounter with a rich, young ruler. 


Hand on the Plow 
I'll Get Through 
From Glory to Glory 
The Treasure in the Field 
Unless the Lord Builds the House

EPISODE 17 “Follow Me” 

Lawrence takes a look in the Word regarding Jesus' call to the four fishermen to become his disciples.


I Can Do All Things 
When My Eyes Are On You 
The Final Goodbye 
I'd Be A Fool 
Trying to Obey

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EPISODE 15 “Goodbye, Guilt” 

Lawrence shares in the Word regarding the good news of having past sins forgiven and forgotten by God. He also sings a love song to his wife. 


Forget About It Now 
Jesus Saves 
Sweet Deliverance 
Love Song Just for

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EPISODE 14 “Resisting Fear” 

Lawrence shares insights from Psalm 46 in regards to facing and conquering fear. 


All or Nothing 
Behold, He Is Coming 
Bully in the Neighborhood 
When Morning Breaks 
Me and My 88 Friends (full song)

Episode 5 "I Still Prefer A Simple Faith" 

Lawrence shares regarding the simplicity of the gospel and also shares the story of a “three-syllable” victory. 


A Simple Faith 
I Think I Can Help You 
Praise the Name of Jesus 
At the Foot of the Cross, 
US Americans 

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