Episode 156- Back to the Source of the River - Part 3 

Lawrence has a conversation with Jim Cook, whose father was the first pastor Lawrence remembers at his boyhood church. Jim later followed in his father's footsteps and became a pastor himself. Songs: I Don't Want to Keep You Hid When My Eyes Are on You Feed My Sheep Holy Fire


My guest on Episode 156 of our podcast, “Me and My 88 Friends”, is Jim Cook, pictured on the left with his wife, Carol, and on the right somewhere in the crowd of children. Jim’s father, Revere Cook, was the first pastor I remember, and Jim later followed his father’s footsteps into the pastoral ministry. We also attended Anderson University, in Anderson, Indiana, during the same time. We have a wonderful conversation sharing childhood memories, honoring his truly great parents, and learning about Jim’s spiritual journey.

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